Thomas Milo

The Netherlands

 Is a linguist and member of the DecoType team that holds the Peter Karow award for exceptional innovations in the development of typography-related technology. Major series of publications are produced with DecoType, e.g., the Library of Arabic Literature by New York University Press, and Arabic text of the famous Dutch Royal Brill academic Publishers. At the behest of the government of Oman, DecoType created the first digital Qur’ān as an interactive typographical artwork: www.mushafmuscat.com

“Technology for Arabic design instead of Arabic design for technology."

iPhone : +31-6-4188-0859
Mobile : +31-6-2450-3943
Office  :+31-20-662-5172
Skype: t.milo

Talk Title: the Mushaf Muscat focusing on the application of script grammar.

The lecture about word shaping and how it is at the core of the functionality of www.mushafmuscat.com. To implement word shaping on the basis of script grammar, DecoType had to create totally independent computer typography able to display on all devices. For this it was necessary to circumvent all obstacles resulting from the lack of priority on the part of the commercial technology providers, notably in the field of Arabic computer typography and encoding. The Omani webQuran is a fundamental contribution to the development of digital publishing.